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Huaquan won the award at the 2021 Shandong Emergency Culture and Equipment Expo.

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  From October 21st to 23rd, Huaquan Company brought emergency power generation equipment, emergency energy storage power supply, emergency energy storage power station, emergency lighting equipment and emergency flood control and drought relief pump equipment and other emergency equipment to the 2021 Shandong (Jinan) emergency culture and equipment Expo, and won the best image display award.
Huaquan won the best image display award
  Huaquan Company won the best image display award, which is the affirmation of the organizer of Huaquan's emergency equipment exhibition hall and the recognition of Huaquan's emergency equipment products. The emergency equipment products developed and produced by Huaquan are not only of reliable quality, but also beautiful in appearance, integrating appearance and strength, and contributing to the vigorous development of the emergency equipment industry.
  Huaquan’s latest emergency equipment products were unveiled at the Emergency Culture and Equipment Expo, which not only received high praise from the participants, but also received positive recognition from the industry.
Huaquan is in the exhibition hall of Emergency Culture and Equipment Expo
  Huaquan Company focuses on the field of emergency equipment, insists on using innovative technology to promote industrial development, continuously launches new intelligent emergency equipment products, and provides high-quality products and services to all sectors of society. Welcome everyone to visit the factory and let us make the emergency equipment industry bigger and stronger!

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