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Special application of HQ power generator set

Products of the company's main diesel generator with cummins, Volvo, perkins, weichai, yuchai, wood is more than ten series and hundreds of varieties, such as power range from 3 kw to 3000 kw.The product can be manufactured from open, standard, mute, mobile trailer, etc.

Common protection

Set up: four protection, external tank, mobile trailer, waterproof shelter, silent speaker, AMF double power switch, etc

Match engine brands: cummins, parkins, Volvo, weichai, yuchai etc.

Output: 30KVA - 1300KVA


Static speakers

The shape is beautiful, the structure is reasonable, the sealing is good, the waterproof, the snow, the dustproof, can work in the bad environment completely sealed box body.The inside of the box is ventilated smoothly, assure the unit running power: the inside of the box USES the flame retardant absorbent cotton, the internal setting the independent mute room, the mute effect is good.Convenient and easy to design, easy to hoist.Edge arc design to prevent collision machine.

Output: 30KVA - 1300KVA


Ship With

The Marine engine has the inspection of the ship's inspection bureau of the People's Republic of China, which is in conformity with the requirements of the sea vessel and is recognized as a qualified product of the ship.

Output: Customization according to requirements


Gas generating set

The flammable gas used is clean, cheap energy
Gas gas, such as: platycodon grandiflorum gas, methane, etc., in which the fuel generating set not only reliable operation, low cost, and can turn, won't produce pollution.

Output: Customization according to requirements


Pump unit

Pump unit, through the elastic coupling driven by diesel engine, with reasonable structure, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, little vibration, low noise, smooth operation, reliable and convenient installation.The base of the unit is equipped with a lifting hole to facilitate movement and handling.It can also be equipped with a high speed chassis trailer, which can be used in many different complex environments.It is widely used in factories, mines, municipalities, power stations, farmland irrigation and so on.


Mobile beacon

A portable, easy to lift, and the advantages of simple operation, wide range of lighting, both the dual function of lighting and small generating set, is a field of engineering construction, mining, public facilities, repair, large-scale activities, accident treatment and rescue and relief, and other fields a wide range of directional lighting ideal choice.

Output: Customization according to requirements


Small engines

The power is stable, the oil is durable, the tank is small, the fuselage is compact and the noise is small.The airtight performance is good, it can prevent the suction of clutter and dust effectively.

Output: 1KVA - 10KVA


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