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100-600kw multi-style generator sets sent to Venezuela.

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    Recently, by the requirements of the contract, Huaquan shipped the 100-600kw generator assembly trucks of different series ordered by Venezuelan customers to the port.
The generator has been loaded and ready to be shipped
    This batch of Huaquan generator sets is specially built for foreign customers. It combines its technical characteristics with the local use environment, and is equipped with corresponding auxiliary functions to enable the generators to generate electricity stably in foreign countries, fully demonstrating the strength of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China".
     Foreign customers choose Huaquan after many investigations. They have been to many peer companies (mainly in China and Southeast Asia), but they chose Huaquan in the end. The main reason is that the customers need more intelligent generator sets. , And other companies are either unable to do it or the price is high, so they chose Huaquan, which can provide customized services and is highly specialized and intelligent.
     Huaquan generator sets are energy-saving, fashionable, and durable. They are the first choice for backup (emergency) power supplies in industrial and agricultural production, engineering construction, public services, and other fields. The annual sales volume is 30,000 units and they are exported to many countries and regions. They are kindly received by users. Called "Trusted Green Unit"

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