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The logo is composed of the first mother
H and Q of the Chinese pinyin. The fused letters,
the compact atmosphere, the fusion,
Rich means together,
create a better future!

The Chinese phonetic alphabet below the full symbol of China is handled by art. The first letter is in uppercase and is in accordance with the written specification of English. Magnify the letter "H" and break the elliptical range, symbolizing the global vision of the full market.

The center is surrounded by an oval, symbolizing the world.The elliptical shape represents the earth, giving the symbol a dynamic effect.At the same time, it symbolizes the change of the market, and the hope that China will grow fast.

Magnify the letter "H",
Beyond the ellipse,
It represents a vision that is all
over the world.
The center of the letter "H" is hollow,
It is a sign that the whole people of China will always maintain a humble and friendly heart, no matter how splendid and splendid they are.

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Wechat/whatApp:  8615905360501
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