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The selection of diesel generators shall meet the requiremen

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The selection of diesel generators shall meet the requirements:
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The capacity of the unit and the number of stations should be determined according to the size and input order of the emergency load and the maximum start-up capacity of the single motor.
When the emergency load is large, the multi-machine can be run in parallel, and the number of stations is two to four.
The partition can be powered by a joint condition.
The effect of the load on the generator should be considered when the load is large.
In the scheme and preliminary design phase, the diesel generator capacity can be estimated at 10% ~ 20% of the total capacity of the distribution transformer.
In construction drawing design stage, according to the level of load, fire load and some important secondary load capacity, according to the following method to calculate the maximum capacity to determine: 1) according to the stable load calculation generator capacity;
2) calculate the capacity of the generator according to the needs of the largest single motor or group motor.
When the motor is started, the generator bus allows the voltage drop to calculate the capacity of the generator.
3, when the elevator load, the maximum capacity of cage motor full voltage start, should not be less than 80% of the rated voltage generator bus voltage;
The voltage of the bus should not be less than 75% of the rated voltage when there is no lift load.
When conditions permit, the motor can be activated by reducing pressure.
When multiple units, the type, specification and characteristics of the unit and the matching equipment should be chosen.

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