Precautions for using Diesel generator in hot weather

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When using diesel generator in hot weather, the following precautions should be taken to ensure the normal operation of diesel generator. The following are some important considerations:

Adequate ventilation: Place the generator in a well ventilated and well ventilated area. Hot weather will lead to overheating of the generator, so proper ventilation is very important to prevent diesel generator from damage and normal operation.

diesel generator

Regular maintenance: regular inspection and maintenance of diesel generator to prevent potential problems due to high temperature. This includes checking the coolant level, cleaning or replacing the air filter, and checking for any leaks or damage.

Diesel generator

Fuel quality: the diesel used in diesel generator is of high quality and free of pollutants. Poor quality fuel can cause engine problems and performance degradation, especially in hot weather.

Cooling system: check the cooling system of diesel generator, including radiator and fan, to make them work normally

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