Hua Quan invites you to participate in 2023 ELEKTRO Russia Moscow Power Exhibition!

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        ELEKTRO 2023 Russia Moscow International Power Exhibition will be held in Moscow Sokoniki International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 6 to 9, Russia, for four days. Hua Quan Group will bring power generation equipment, new energy storage equipment and complete sets of high and low voltage equipment to the exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit and investigate.

        ELEKTRO 2023 Moscow, Russia Elektro is organized by Russia's ZAO EXPO CENTRE.

        The exhibition is one of the largest power electronics industry fairs in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Supported by the government, the exhibition gathers exhibitors and visitors from all over the world and has a profound international influence.

        The famous power electronics enterprises all over the world favor the Russian market and actively participate in the exhibition. Participating in the exhibition has become an effective and quick way for Chinese power electronics enterprises to export to open up the Russian market.

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