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The quality of Huaquan generator sets is leveraged, and the customer repurchases more than 400-kilowatt generator sets.

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          Product quality is the basis for winning the trust of customers and the guarantee for the long-term development of an enterprise. Over the years, Huaquan has persisted in relying on quality for survival and innovation for development and has continued to develop the emergency power generation equipment market.
         Recently, after the first batch of Huaquan generator sets were put into use, a customer ordered 6 generator sets from Huaquan Company, with power coverage ranging from 150kW to 400kW.

Many customers choose Huaquan generator sets, they value the excellent product quality and perfect service system, and they can fully enjoy the high-end electricity experience.
         The Huaquan generator set has to go through dozens of production processes from the initial design to the test run, and it needs to be completed by the collaboration of multiple departments. Among them, if there is a mistake in a certain link, even a little bit, it will affect the final evaluation result of the crew.
         Huaquan Company adopts an advanced management mode and uses intelligent production equipment to effectively control risks and greatly guarantee product quality.
         In the next step of work, Huaquan will continue to adhere to "Win the market with quality and build the brand with integrity", continuously optimize the work process, strictly control quality inspection, and strive to create a high-quality user experience for users.

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