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The Huaquan workshop carried out winter safety drills.

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    Full production is the cornerstone of the development of an enterprise. Doing a good job of safe production handles all employees and the enterprise itself. Since its establishment, Huaquan has always placed safety in production in an important position and put employees' lives and safety in the first place.
Safety production fire drill
    Winter is the season of a high incidence of safety accidents. To ensure safe production in winter, on the afternoon of November 12, Huaquan Company carried out safety production training activities for digital workshops.
    This training focuses on improving the spraying production line, welding, bending production line, assembly production line, and other related staff, and the rapid emergency response and emergency handling capabilities of electric shock, mechanical damage, fire, and other emergencies.
    The training began. First of all, Huaquan instructors explained to employees the general knowledge of production safety, wound cleaning and dressing, fire prevention measures, and the use of fire extinguishing equipment. Afterward, the Huaquan instructors organized the employees to conduct scene simulations and safety drills in the digital workshop. The entire exercise was organized in an orderly manner, with well-divided labor, and orderly, and significant results were achieved.
    After the exercise, the person in charge of corporate security summarized the exercise, pointed out the deficiencies in the exercise, and corrected them. In future work, Huaquan Company will continue to install the safety production system, strengthen employees' awareness of safety production, and ensure safe and efficient production of the enterprise.

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