With floating body, convenient drainage! Huaquan large pump unit with 350 kw for mine

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        Mine operation, the most afraid of water. Today, Huanquan anchor will introduce a mine Huanquan 350 kw pump unit, which can effectively solve the problem of mine drainage.



        Huaquan has been deeply engaged in the emergency equipment industry for more than ten years, and has continuously introduced flood control and drought relief pump equipment that meets the market demand. When designing and developing Huaquan 350 KW water pump units for mine use, we pay more attention to the practicability and convenience of products, so as to provide users with more ease of use experience.


        Huaquan 350 kW water pump unit for mine has a flow rate of 1260m³/h, a head of 60m and a speed of 1450r/min. It comes with a floating body, which can move on the water surface to meet the requirements of flexible drainage.



        Huaquan 350 kW water pump unit for mine is equipped with intelligent control system, which can realize the protection of oil pressure, water temperature, over current and over load. Equipped with emergency stop button, it can effectively deal with emergencies.



        In addition to Huaquan 350 KW mine pump unit, Huaquan Company also has many other types of pump units, such as high-performance sewage pump unit, high pressure multistage pump unit, high pressure cleaning pump unit, slag slurry pump unit, etc.


        Excellent quality lies in professional inspection. Huaquan pump unit before leaving the factory are strictly tested, quality is guaranteed, please rest assured to buy. Welcome to visit the factory.

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