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Huaquan's many smart generators have been assembled and

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    Recently, several friendly intelligent generator sets in Huaquan have been assembled and rolled off the assembly line, making their contributions to promoting the healthy development of the green power market.
Ecological and environmental protection is a career that has merits in the present and will benefit the future.
environmentally friendly intelligent generator sets
    Thus, in the actual work process, Huaquan R&D personnel combine environmental protection with business development, focus on national policies, integrate market demand, and focus on reducing noise pollution and air pollution, and developing friendly intelligent power generation equipment. , And combined with urban development, to create a low-cost, high-standard, high-tech, and high-quality power generation equipment brand with Huaquan characteristics, and become a leader in the industry.
   Through the integration of internal scientific and technological resources, Huaquan attracts relevant domestic and foreign superior forces, relies on independent innovation results to support the healthy development of the environmental protection industry, promotes industrial restructuring, and promotes technological upgrading of the entire industry, and strives to build a core technology research and development platform and a technical service platform for the power generation equipment industry. Provide high-quality friendly products to users around the world.
   After years of development, Huaquan has opened up the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the industry and has reached long-term strategic partnerships with domestic and foreign famous brands such as Yuchai, Shanghai Diesel, Weichai, Cummins, Volvo, and Perkins. The Huaquan environmental protection intelligent power generation equipment that has been completed and rolled off the line all use the above-mentioned brand engines, which are reliable in quality, energy-saving and friendly, intelligent and efficient, and trustworthy!

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