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Diesel generator set fuel consumption per hour

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Hourly fuel consumption of diesel generator can refer to the following to calculate the fuel consumption of diesel generator

30kw =6.3 (kg)
45kw =9.45 (kg)
50kw =10.5 (kg)
75kw =15.7 (kg)
100kw =21 (kg)
150kw =31.5 (kg)
200kw =40 (kg)
250kw =52.5 (kg)
300kw =63 (kg)
350kw =73.5 (kg)
400kw =84.00 (kg)
450kw =94.50 (kg)
500kw =105.00 (kg)

just above the estimated value, for reference only.The following calculation of fuel consumption of
diesel generator parameters manufacturer to use most of them will G/KW.H, its meaning is refers to the power unit 1000 watt hour consumption how many grams (g) oil, units for L (L) which will be able to know you for an hour of fuel costs.

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