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The type of diesel generator according to the application

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Diesel generators are divided into several common types of diesel generator sets:

1 Price of diesel generator is commonly used , these generators runs all year round, which is widely used in the grid (or principal) regions or near the industrial and mining enterprises,

in order to meet the needs of the construction, production and living electricity of these places, the user usually choose the yuchai diesel generator.

2) with the relatively fast development of the emergency areas,the users need to establish a common short cycle of the diesel generator set, to meet the demand, such as the generators are generally in a larger capacity.
3) to the price of diesel generators, the generator is used for air defense and the defense of facilities supply, the generator is usually installed on the ground, with a certain degree of protection.

4) the price of diesel generator for emergency power,

the interrupt of the output power of electrical equipment will cause significant damage .therefore, establishing emergency generator is very necessary,which include the equipment and emergency power supply, such as high-rise building fire system, evacuation lighting, elevator, automatic production line control system and key communication system.

This kind of generator needs to be installed from the start of the diesel generator set, which needs a high degree of automation.

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