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Huaquan Power-assisted the construction of the Xiong'an

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     At 11:30 am on August 20, 2021, as the last 600t prefabricated pipe gallery is accurately in place, the first long-segment, large-tonnage monolithic prefabrication in Xiong’an New District undertaken by China Communications Second Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. The erection of the pipe gallery of the demonstration project of assembling the integrated pipe gallery has been completed.
    To ensure the smooth implementation of the project, the Second Public Bureau of China Communications Commission purchased Huaquan Lighting generator sets in advance to lay the foundation for the next step of work.
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    As China's "Future City" is setting sail, the construction of the Xiongan New District is more about highlighting technological innovation and green development. With this in mind, after receiving the order from the Second Public Bureau of China Communications Commission, Huaquan Power has decisively adopted advanced materials and specially developed a new type of environmentally friendly lighting generator set for them to meet the electricity or lighting needs of the construction site.
   Because of professionalism, so trust. With excellent quality and high-quality services, Huaquan generator sets have completed various tasks, effectively guaranteeing power safety in construction, real estate development, and other fields.
   Join forces to promote development, and work together to create brilliance! In the next step of work, Huaquan Power will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Second Public Bureau of China Communications, and use high-quality products and services to help the high-quality development of cooperative enterprises.

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